-In 2000, Beaumont's population was 11,407 with 3,887 households. In 2030 the population is projected to be 90,290 with 29,333 households. An increase of 792% and 755%, respectively.

-In 2000,  employment was 6,155. In 2030, employment is projected to be 25,601. An increase of 416% which does not keep pace with population growth.

-In 2000 there was approximately one local job per 2 residents in Beaumont. In 2005 there will be approximately one job per 3 residents. In 2030 there will be approximately 1 job per 4 residents. Shouldn't we be creating more jobs in Beaumont, not less? With less jobs available locally for the residents there will be more commuting and more traffic.

-There is no formal written provision (resolution or ordinance) to protect the Deodar Cedar (Cedrus deodara) trees lining Beaumont Avenue north of Oak Valley Parkway (14th Street). Saving these historic trees is a day by day, project. (Note: The City formed a Tree Committee to address this issue after the City Council stated in Sept 2004 that it has no intentions of cutting down the trees. No policy has been adopted by the committee to this date.)

-Beaumont is run by consultants, none of whom live in Beaumont. City Manager position is contracted with General Government Management Services. Director of Economic Development, Director of Planning, and Director of Public Works positions are contracted with Urban Logic Consultants. Finance Director is contracted with an individual who lives in Cherry Valley.

-Beaumont contracted with Urban Logic Consultants in February 1993. The Contract was amended in 1994 to include public works construction management. There have been no amendments since. The contract can be terminated with a 60 day notice. Why hasn't the City gone out to bid on these services since? It's common for public agencies to go out to bid every 3-5 years for professional services or to at least review the contracts. It's been 16 years and the City has done neither. Who's minding the store?

-Beaumont has no zoning ordinance for horses or farm animals. Beaumont is in the process of annexing county land that has horses and farm animals. What will happen when Beaumont approves housing developments next to these rural properties? Chances are the new people will not appreciate the rural lifestyle and start complaining to City officials. With no zoning ordinance to protect these existing homeowners, they will be outnumbered by these large developments, and they could lose their rural lifestyle and right to keep farm animals.

-The Beaumont neighborhood commonly known as the Barrio and surrounding area was largely zoned industrial over the objections of the majority of residents in that area. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Beaumont and is rich in local history.

-In February 2002, Urban Logic Services, Inc. (same owners as Urban Logic Consultants) contracted with the City to maintain and operate the wastewater treatment facility and sewer system for a five year period beginning December 2001. The first year service fee was $416,442.24 with each year thereafter adjusted by the consumer price index which was 3.7% in December 2002 and 1.8% in December 2003.

-Beaumont out-sources around 15 city staff positions to Urban Logic. The City provides offices and other overhead expenses for these non-city employees. Isn't it time the City hires its own staff? To whom are these employees loyal to--the City or the people who sign their paychecks?

-In 2004, Urban Logic billed the City $1.8 million for services provided by the full-time equivalent of 12.65 employees. The City Manager estimated Urban Logic would provide the full-time equivalent of 19 employees, 6.35 employees more than what was provided! The City Manager also estimated using Urban Logic services would only cost the City $1.5 million vs. hiring City employees which would cost $1.8 million. Shouldn't the City re-evaluate it's consultant contracts and look to hire City employees that are dedicated to the City and its citizens?

-Urban Logic, a FOR PROFIT BUSINESS, is in charge of the Planning, Economic Development, and Public Works Departments of the City. The very departments which are directly involved in promoting growth in the City and making recommendations to the Council to approve developments. The more Beaumont grows, the more money Urban Logic makes. Whose best interests are being served--the citizen's or Urban Logic's? Is this a direct Conflict of Interest in violation of State law?
Click here to read Urban Logic Consultants,Inc. contracts

The above information came from reviewing City contracts and documents, and speaking with longtime Beaumont residents. Questions are merely that--questions to make the reader think! If anyone has valid information that disagrees with the above statements, please email your information to info@bcrg.org. The information will be reviewed and changes will be made accordingly.

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