City Manager Alan Kapanicas was directed by Mayor DeForge on August 17, 2010 to post Urban Logic Consultant’s contracts and General Government Mangement Services contracts on the city’s web site for the public.


Urban Logic Consultants (ULC) has one original contract, March 22, 1993, and two amended contracts. The first amended contrac was withheld when BCRG made a public records request in 2005 for ULC’s contracts. It was discovered in 2007 that the city withheld it. What were they hiding? See for yourself under Do You Know?


At the council meeting of Sept. 21,2010, a citizen asked again for the contracts to be posted, and again Mayor De Forge told the City Manager to post the information.


Now the city is posting a comment that ULC has not had a current contract since 2009.

Yet, Dave Dillon represented the City at the Sept.14, 2010 Watermaster meeting as the City’s Economic Development Director. City Council minutes fail to show a vote of City Council regarding a review or change of ULC’s contract.


It seems the city cannot make up it’s mind. Do you think there is a transparency problem?


ULC’s contract is a direct violation of  Government Code section 1090, which is intended to protect the public agency’s interest and that of its constituency by assuring undivided loyalty and allegiance, removing direct and indirect influence of an interested officer and discouraging dishonesty.



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