Beaumont Citizens for Responsible Growth (BCRG) is concerned about rural, environmental, economic, and community issues. Our mission is to protect our quality of life and locally-operated businesses while conserving rural and natural assets for present and future generations in the Beaumont and San Gorgonio Pass area.

1.We strive to have a strong regional voice in the direction of our community by participating in local planning and decision making on issues such as traffic and air pollution, water and land use, open space, schools, bike and equestrian access, public services, economic development, among others.

2.We empower ourselves by bringing together diverse community residents and recognizing that we share common concerns in the future of our community.

3.We educate and provide public input to local government officials, agencies, and residents to help develop balanced solutions to growth related problems.

4.We build constructive relationships with local government officials and community representatives while holding accountable those people who make decisions affecting present and future generations in our community.

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Beaumont Citizens For Responsible Growth